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About Michigan Agriculture Mediation Program (MAMP)

Agricultural producers often turn to lenders to support the production of their products. When issues arise (late payments, loan defaults, etc.) the parties could land in a hearing or in court, costing both of them time and money. It can often be a long and expensive process to find a solution. But, there is another option.

By mediating through the Michigan Agricultural Mediation Program (MAMP), parties can resolve issues before they go to a hearing or to court. A mediator’s responsibility is to listen to both sides and encourage the parties to develop solutions that will benefit them both. The mediator has no decision-making authority and places the needs of all parties first.

The MAMP helps resolve disputes between producers, and creditors or the U.S. Department of Agriculture agencies with which producers work. When mediation succeeds, hearings and court are unnecessary.

The MAMP’s mediation services are provided at no cost to the parties. The program is one of more than 30 State Certified Agricultural Mediation Programs across the country. Congress established the mediation program nationally under Section 502 of the Agricultural Credit Act of 1987 (Pub. L. No. 100-233, January 6, 1988). The program is administered in Washington D. C. by the Farm Service Agency. The MAMP is administered by Dispute Resolution Education Resources, Inc (DRER) in Lansing, Michigan.