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How Michigan Agriculture Mediation Program (MAMP) Can Help

The Problem

Farmers need equipment, seed, storage and other supplies to run their farms. Lenders and creditors extend the funds. These daily transactions are built on trust. But when they falter, trust and prudent business practice are put at risk. This is especially true when farmers and creditors become adversaries instead of problem solvers.

How Meditation Works

Fortunately, they can mediate.

The Michigan Agricultural Mediation Program (MAMP) helps resolve disputes between producers and their lenders, creditors or USDA agencies. Trained mediators encourage the parties to find common ground and discuss possible solutions within the law. Mediation saves time and money compared to hearings. Mediation sessions are scheduled to the parties’ convenience. Most result in an agreement.

A Better Solution

The MAMP covers the cost of mediation. To request mediation, complete the mediation request form or contact the MAMP at 616.774.0121.