Resolve Your Dispute

The Agricultural Mediation Program helps resolve disputes between producers and their lenders, creditors or the USDA agencies with which they work.

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How Mediation Works

In mediation, a neutral, trained mediator sits down with the disputing parties for a conversation to find common ground to reach mutually beneficial resolutions.

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When to use mediation

When a dispute between a farmer and creditor, lender, or USDA agency can’t quickly be resolved it is a good idea to consider mediation before the issue becomes adversarial.

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Mediation is available when issues arise between producers and creditors. It also is available for disputes between producers and USDA agencies over: Agricultural loans, Agricultural credit, Wetland determinations, Compliance with farm programs, including conservation programs, Crop insurance, Pesticides, Rural development loans, and other agriculture-related topics deemed appropriate by the USDA.

Mediation is Provided at No Cost to the Participants

When mediation services are employed, participants are aided by a neutral mediator trained in USDA issues and skilled at fostering productive discussions. The mediator ensures that all participants have the opportunity for input so that all involved are heard.